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Project Highlights

Windows-based Database Applications

Designed, created and implemented a system that allows our client to maintain customers and proposals. The system allows our client to print proposals and labels and sort and select by various fields. This was a Windows based project.

Benefits to our client:

Client saves time because the system allows them to quickly find previous projects for a past customer. The application allows them to copy a proposal to quickly create a new one. This saves keying time,

A feature allows them to insert common text without having to re-enter the text each time

They can quickly create mailing labels for their customers using various criteria.

All their history is secure and on-line. It can be easily accessed

Access Database Enhancements

Fixed an existing MS Access 2000 database to create Word documents and email them to the Client's customers. Previous attempts by others to create these reports using the export to Word function of Access did not work. The function was fixed by writing the data directly to Word using OLE automation. Previously, our client could only fax the reports.

Benefits to our client:

Our client's customer no longer need to re-enter the articles our client sends them. This increases the value of our client's service.

Our client save time because he can emailing the articles is faster than faxing them.

E-commerce Store

Created an on-line store for a retail clothing store using a product call Storefront 6.0. The client needed to show the colors and patterns in which each piece of clothing was available. Client also wanted the ability to allow the users to view all colors and patterns and find the items of clothing that were available in these colors/patterns. Wrote custom code to allow this additional functionality.

Benefits to our client:

Our client can offer his customers the convenience of on-line shopping.

Our client can expand his market reach beyond his geographical limitations.

Web Site Enhancements

Modify an existing web site for a mortgage company. Simplified a ten page application form into a three page form and emailed the form to the manager.

Benefits to our client:

By simplifying the on-line application form, this encourages more people to register on-line

The application is emailed to the proper person thus streamlining the process.

User Control for ASP.NET

Designed and developed an ASP.NET user control that calls three other user controls for a non-profit group. This control uses the calendar control and data grid to allow the user to keep track on meetings. This control was designed to be used with the IBuySpy framework but is being extended to work any ASP.NET project.

Benefits to our client:

Allows organizers to schedule events and communication them to their volunteers and the public.

Perforce Source Control Administration

Managed source code for a major Internet company. Part of a team that converted the source control system from Source Safe to Perforce. Duties included training and support of about 150 users in the use of Perforce. Developed tools to automate the process of administering and using Perforce.

Benefits to our client:

Source code is now better organized. It is easier to resolve conflicts among the development groups.

The next administrator will find that the tools that were developed will make managing Perforce much easier.

Enterprise Wide Database Application

Created interfaces, wrote additional reports and made other improvements to an application that tracks commissions for a company that installs and maintains vending machines at various sites.

Benefits to our client:

Provides more accurate information by allowing the client's various applications to communicate with each other.

Additional and improved reports provides better information with which to make business decisions.

Fund-raising Application

Designed, wrote and installed a new application by copying an existing application and adding additional functionality. This product allows the client's client, a major non-profit group to keep track of pledges and payment for their fund raising campaigns. The new functions allow the users to copy batches from a network database to a local database. They can then edit the information locally and post the changes back to the network database.

Benefits to our client:

Reduced error rate through improved validation.

Improved performance due to on-line user work.

Allows client to sell the product to other clients with only minor changes.

Application Interfacing with Handheld Computers

Redesigned, rewrote and enhanced an existing application. This application was developed for a client that manufactures hand-held computers for the beverage distribution industry. This application replaced a manual process used to create ASCII files with a more intelligent automated procedure. The ASCII files are used to program the hand-held computers.

Benefits to our client:

Created revenue by selling the system to their customers.
Replaced a manual procedure with an automated one for the customers.

Sales Commission Application

Designed and developed portions of sales commission system. This system automated the process of determining the commission due to sales representatives and sales managers.

Benefits to our client:

Produced more accurate commissions by replacing a manual procedure.
Reduced the time needed to calculate commissions.

Sales Management Application

Designed and developed portions of a customized sales management system. Sales personnel will use the system to assemble quotes and contracts to present to their customers.

Benefit to our client:

Saved millions of dollars by using this application to obtain more accurate assessments of available products and services when assembling quotes and contracts.

Bar Code Processing

Designed and developed several systems to generate bar code labels in a manufacturing environment.

Benefits to our client:

Increased the factory line worker speed and accuracy.
Since fewer packages are mislabeled, good will with customers is increased.

Call Center Application

Designed and developed a system to help monitor telephone representatives. This system allows users to build custom questionnaires, enter them and report on the results.

Benefit to our client:

Improved their ability to more accurately evaluate telephone representatives.