Bob Avallone was employed as a Software Engineer from 2012 - 2016. During his time at CHIA, Bob was responsible for rewriting and supporting our Casemix application. Bob wrote in VB.NET and used SQL Server 2012 as the backend. Bob also wrote windows services to manage the applications Bob fulfilled employment responsibilities with little supervision. The position required interaction with the many liaisons we have working at CHIA. I am happy to act as a reference for Bob and can speak to his development skills, work ethic, computer literacy, and professionalism.

Jon Christopher, Director Application Development Center for Health Information and Analysis, Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Our client, Computerworld Magazine, needed an internet-based system built in two weeks capable of servicing thirteen national events and upwards of 200,000+ contacts. Bob Avallone of MetaPro Systems built for us a robust, highly useable system using .NET technologies. The project was delivered on time and within budget. I highly recommend MetaPro Systems for .NET and internet development.

Dan Hermes, President, Lexicon Systems, Inc.


I am the publisher of Beacon Hill Roll Call- a report syndicated to newspapers across Massachusetts...

Several years ago, an Access database was developed for me to accomplish this tailored localization. The database generated reports in Notepad. Recently, many of our subscribing newspaper editors asked that the report be generated in Word in order to make it easier to edit...

My next step was to search the Internet for database developers. I found several including Bob Avallone of MetaPro Systems Inc. I did not initially hire Bob. I hired a person who already had a full-time job with a company and was "moonlighting" on the side as a "computer consultant." He charged an inexpensive hourly rate. I paid him for several hours but he was unable to solve the problem. He then became so busy with this full-time job that he told me it would he several more weeks before he could devote any more time to my project. And he doubted that has would be successful in fixing it

I quickly went back and called Bob Avallone who offered to do the project for a flat fixed fee and an unusual and much appreciated guarantee that he would solve the problems or refund my money. Within a few days, Bob came back with a solution that completely solved all the problems. I was happy and the newspaper editors were ecstatic.

Bob was professional knowledgeable and easy to work with, highly cooperative and had a great sense of humor throughout the project. I highly recommend Bob and MetaPro Systems Inc. to anyone who needs to create or improve an Access database or has any problems with Access. I only wish I had hired Bob in the first place.

Bob Katzen Publisher Beacon Hill Roll Call


MetaPro Systems has been a good partner in helping me develop my web strategy. The firm provided me patient counsel, creativity and support, resulting in an excellent final product. I would recommend MetaPro Systems to those small business that are budget-limited, yet want a quality product.

Richard S. Price - President R&P Communications


To All That Would Benefit: I have found MetaPro Systems to be an excellent resource for the design and development of my company's web site. From start to finish the process was both professional and timely. Bob is a pleasure to work, a true professional the project, went smoothly from start to finish. I strongly recommend MetaPro Systems for any web deign or site work if you goal is to get a professional job done, efficiently.

Barbara Carroll - President Healthy Bites LTD.


I am so grateful to you for sharing your expert software skills with us. You solved a problem that otherwise might have delayed our annual direct mail fund raising campaign and carried out your effort virtually overnight, which was a real gift to our volunteers!

Meghan K. Lowney, Executive Director Operation Hope


I recently hired Robert Avallone to create a Windows executable that would be called by a program that is part of a software product that I produce.

Mr. Avallone produced the program in a timely and correct manner, and the program met my specifications exactly. When at one point I thought I had a problem with his program (it turned out later that the problem was with the user, not Mr. Avallone's program), he was willing to work with me, per our contract, to make sure that the fault was not with his program.

Later, I discovered a problem with my software that necessitated Mr. Avallone's creating a second Windows executable - completely unrelated to the first problem he had solved for me. It was a small piece of programming, but Mr. Avallone, realizing that I was up against a deadline, wrote the program emailed it to me very quickly. I think that this was truly above and beyond the call of duty, and I really appreciated Mr. Avallone going the extra mile for me.

Linda L. King - Real Estate Computing Consultant.


Bob’s work was consistently professional and thorough. He was effective at adapting and learning new technologies. The end customer was pleased with his work efforts.

As an administrator, Bob learned the Perforce source control product and provided training and technical support for 175 users. The user community ran the range from highly technical to casual users. His documentation efforts were a direct influence on reducing the administrative workload from a full time position to a 2 hour per day or less position. Of particular note were his “tips and tricks” notes. These notes were an effective reference and significantly reduced the need for administrators to address common user questions. Bob’s consistently pleasant and helpful approach to his administrative duties was a key element in having a satisfied user community.

As the administrator role diminished, Bob was asked to develop a set of tools. The objective of these tools was to automate the primary administrator activities. The resulting system runs on the corporate intranet and allows junior level individuals to provide primary administrative functions.

Neal Firth - Chief Operating Officer - The Infrastructure Group Inc.


...Bob is organized, technically competent and has the ability to work both independently as well as part of a team. Bob completed several projects for us thoroughly and delivered them in a timely fashion. Besides his development and support efforts, Bob also acted as a mentor to a junior developer, bringing him along and improving his technical skills.

Daniel E. McNamara - Vice-President of Information Technology - MAC/GRAY


Bob provided us with a product that is “open” and can easily be customized within minimal time to enable us to sell this product to other clients of Amergent.

In closing, I was extremely impressed with the level of knowledge, commitment, drive and the overall job Bob performed for Amergent in completing this complex and tedious project.

Robert F. Hudson Jr. - Director of Technical Product Development - Amergent


The quality of your work has always been excellent. You have always responded quickly and courteously to our many requests for changes. You have always been willing to put it extra time to meet a deadline when necessary.

Luba Alperovich  - Quality Assurance Manager - National Datacomputer Inc.


Bob was a member of a team responsible for developing a major part of a Commission Processing System. The system was coded in Visual Basic 5 and Oracle for Windows NT and applied an evolutionary design.

Bob proved to be a competent and reliable member of the team with excellent skills in the technology selected for this project. He worked well as a team member and offered appropriate suggestions for improvement in both the product, and process. He adapted well to the fast pace and frequent changes Bob maintained high professional standards and integrity.

I recommend Bob as a strong member of a software development project particularly using the environment and software platform used here.

Joe Johnston - Principal Consultant - Keane Inc.  


Please accept my "thank you" for a job well-done ... When we called on you, it was for the purpose of taking-over where a previous consultant had dropped the ball.

You quickly stepped in and exhibited the degree of competence and technical leadership needed to get the project back on track. I found you pleasant and agreeable to work with, hard-working, and diligent. You seem to be well-versed in most aspects of project management and possess solid programming and development skills using Visual Basic 4.

Michael S. Barad - President - Logical Resources Inc. (a Software Consulting Company)


Bob Avallone has been working in my organization for the past six months ...

Bob's most outstanding asset is that he genuinely cares about the quality of the products he develops and maintains. He proved to be one of the keys to the success of our system. I would strongly recommend Bob as a contract consultant for a senior programmer/analyst position.

M. J. Brouillette - Application Development Manager - Digital Equipment Corporation


Having worked directly with Bob Avallone for the past year, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the contributions Bob has made to this organization.

Bob not only demonstrates the necessary qualifications of an IS person, he goes far beyond them. As a consultant to Digital Equipment Corporation he was assigned as a programmer for an application that was going to be installed across the corporation. When the project leader left the project during the design and development phase, Bob was temporarily assigned co-manager of the project. His knowledge of the project and his willingness to step in at such a critical point in the design and development phase demonstrated the professionalism that proved necessary to succeed. His expertise and project management skills were instrumental in getting the application to field test.

Bob was paramount in getting the project organized and back on track. He continued his programming assignments while co-managing the project, and participated in a significant portion of the design effort. He was also was responsible for the support of several additional applications. This resulted in a very heavy workload.

Bob was always willing to put in the extra effort needed to maintain continuity of the project, and a quality operating environment. Bob is easy to work with, displays exceptional ability in obtaining user requirements from the business community, and maintains a professional attitude even during extremely critical times.

Bob consistently puts out a high level quality of work, and can handle any situation that develops; he either solves it himself, or is able to coordinate a solution between multiple organizations. He is a highly dependable individual, and is largely responsible for the success of the project. I would really enjoy working with Bob again if the opportunity presented itself.

Linda M. Charest - Senior Information Systems Specialist - Digital Equipment Corporation