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Software Development

MetaPro offers complete life cycle software development. We analyze a client’s problem and design a proposed solution. The client will review the design, which may result in changes. Once the client and MetaPro agree on a design, we will develop the product. This includes coding, unit and integration testing as well as user and technical documentation. Of course, the client must do acceptance testing. We are also available for post-implementation support and enhancements.

Our solution may result in replacing a manual, semi-automated or automated process. We can also enhance an existing automated process or connect two or more automated processes. The benefits to our clients include more information, information that is more accurate, reduced error rates, improved employee efficiency and greater security.

We can bring in a team of people, work with the client's staff or both.

MetaPro has over 12 years experience with every phase of the software development project cycle. Our proven approach provides our clients with intuitive systems that save time and money. Our success puts us out of a job; our products are simple enough to use and maintain that they don’t require ongoing consulting support. This efficiency often results in repeat business on the client’s next project.

Technical Skills