The MetaPro Approach


MetaPro Systems solves your business problems through automation. We follow the "MetaPro Approach" throughout the project development lifecycle to ensure the success of your project.  The following table shows the steps we take to achieve our goal a system that meets the need of our client - you.  Of course, every project if different so the details will vary.

Phase Name Description
Analysis We interview you about your project.  Some questions include the following.  What problem are you trying to solve?  What results do you want to achieve when the system is complete?  It is important in this phase to get the right people involved: the decision makers and the people who will actually use the system when it is completed.
Business Design  Using what we learned in the analysis phase we produce a detailed business design. This specification will show you what your system will look like upon completion. The details of screen layouts, reports and formulae are included in this phase.
Technical Design  This design includes the choice of language, database and tools.  The individual modules and their relationships are defined.  In smaller projects the Business and Technical Design are often combined. 
Coding & Unit Testing Each module is coded and tested.  Testing is as thorough as possible. Every path of the code should be exercised.  As modules are complete they are integrated with other completed modules.
System Testing  Once all modules are completed, system testing can begin.  The idea of this phase is to exercise all possible conditions that affect the system as a whole.  The developers fix any defects found.  These modules are then reintegrated into the system.  Testing continues until all significant defects are fixed.  User training is done concurrently with this phase.
User Testing This phase is similar to the System Testing phase except that the users do the testing. The data and conditions should be as close as possible to real life. Testing continues until the users are satisfied that the system is working according to specifications.
Documentation  This phase usually runs parallel to the System & User Testing phase. This may include a developing a user guide, on-line help or both.
Implementation We install our software live at your site or in the case of software for sale to your customers, at least one beta site.  We make sure all the functions are working properly in the live environment.
Post-Implementation  We will be available to fix any problems that are discovered after the system goes live.  This means we are there any time the system does not work according to specifications.

 We will work in either hourly and fixed price mode or a combination of both depending on the project.  To obtain more details or to get a free one hour evaluation of your computing needs, call us at (781)860-7345 or e-mail us at